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Eddie “Spaghetti” Maier and Talia Wight

Eddie “Spaghetti” Maier has been creating art as long as he can remember. He works with clay, watercolor, oil, wire, and wood. When he discovered printmaking, it resonated deep to his core. The memory of making his first print, which was his finger print, introduced him to the magic in the process of printmaking. One’s fingerprint is much like making art itself, for it is an incredible design that is unique to one’s self. When making a print, the artist will create a block or plate, ink the block or plate up and then “stamp” the image on paper–much like making a fingerprint. His favorite method of printmaking is woodcut. He initially learned this trade while studying in Australia. Following his passion, he then earned a printmaking degree at West Virginia University. Inspired by Nature’s bountiful beauty, he makes art to live closer to the spirit that moves through all things. He lovingly shares his gifts and discoveries by teaching others to find their own beauty within and to apply that beauty to making their own unique “fingerprint.”
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Creative self expression is one aspect of life that Talia “Moonhopper” Wight has always known. As an artist, she has been formally trained in metalsmithing, held an internship at Ant Farm Studios with Iron House Forge in Raleigh, North Carolina, and holds a welding certification. Talia has always had a natural affinity towards helping others. She has spent most of her adult lifetime working in social service jobs and has passionately created better lives for those she has worked with. Whether Talia is playing music, writing poetry, or painting, it is art’s therapeutic nature that has always resonated the most with her. Much like a walk in a pristine forest can soothe one’s soul or witnessing a beautiful sunrise can bring peace, she believes that art allows both the creator and viewer to revel in the beauty that connects us as humans. Working with clay has allowed Talia to combine all of her passions. She uses the simple beauty of nature to create one of a kind clay pendant diffuser necklaces and mantra tiles. Both of which she hopes will awaken all of the senses and inspire one to live closer to the Natural world.
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Eddie and Talia met while studying at Pendland School of Crafts in 2006. Sharing a love for Nature and art making, their partnership makes perfect sense. While they consider their two beautiful and bright children their greatest masterpieces, they both continue to strive to create art in hopes of inspiring others to live life doing what makes their own heart sing.